I absolutely love the way Sheleah does my make up. After she is finished I feel like I'm glowing and even if I was tired you could never tell. I have to say she's a genius with beauty. Love ya girl
{Jackie Cruz} {Actress in 13 Steps & Orange is the new black}
I had the privilege of working with Sheleah on the set of the feature film “13 STEPS”. Sheleah (SJB MUA) is a pleasure to work with. Her passion and skill are remarkable. She is very professional and prepared to work under pressure. I highly recommend her. Definitely a talented, creative, young and vibrant artist you want to work with. {Michelle Godoy Priske} {Director of '13 Steps',feature film}

I was on set when Sheleah was told by the principal actress that she was better than her makeup artist in New York and wanted her to go back with her. I couldn't agree more. You rocked it Sheleah. 
{Donna Brayshaw} {Artistic Director of 13 Steps}
I have the privilege of working with Sheleah for a magazine photo shoot. I got to voice my idea for "the look" and she delivered! She is very dedicated to ensuring that everyone is completely satisfied with the results and the photo shoot turned out stunning. She went above and beyond by coming on to the different sets and doing touch ups to makeup and even assisting myself and the other models with outfits changes and anything that needed to be done on set. I am 100% happy with her work and look forward to working with her again in the near future.
{Aniko Farkas} {model}
I booked Sheleah to do makeup and hair for a full day of photo sessions with multiple clients. I was beyond pleased with her work. Every girl's hair and makeup was very different and they were all amazed by how beautiful they looked. She listened to what I wanted done and she made sure I was completely satisfied with every client before she started on the next. Sheleah really puts her heart into her work. No detail was overlooked. I will definitely book her again in the future and I highly recommend her. I also never would have guessed she is not a hair stylist!{Hailey Hamilton Photography}
I have had the pleasure of working with Sheleah on multiple occasions, and it is always a great experience. Sheleah demonstrates a consistent level of skill and professionalism on every photo shoot. Her make-up work is stunning, and she is very versatile. She can create beautiful make-up looks, is extremely creative and always willing to try new things. She is reliable and dedicated, which makes her a fantastic team mate. Sheleah is not only a very talented artist, but a great person. She is a very caring individual and always does her best to ensure that everyone is happy. Her friendly personality and great attitude make her a lot of fun to be around. Sheleah is a great team mate and friend, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a dedicated, talented make-up artist.
{kait Dean Photography}
I'm an Actor/Filmmaker and I've had the pleasure of working with Sheleah multiple times in the last few years. She's done make-up for me/on me on several very different projects and showed a wide range of skills, ranging from basic film/tv makeup, to prosthetics and heavy gore. Sheleah demonstrated not only a great deal of talent in a variety of ways, but also a genuine love and passion for what she does! She's hardworking and dependable (even when the going gets tough), willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right, and always a pleasure to have on set! I would work with her again any day, and I recommend Sheleah for any set or photo shoot requiring an experienced hand! {Zyan Panagopoulos} {Actor,film writer}
I highly recommend Sheleah (SJB Makeup) as a candidate for employment. Sheleah was hired for my wedding to do my bridal makeup, On August 11, 2012. She was very responsible, punctual, and professional. Sheleah would be a tremendous asset to your company, or for any type of wedding, or special occasion. She is flexible and willing to work on any project. I truly enjoyed my special day, and have Sheleah to thank for making me beautiful, and flawless.I am happy to provide further information if required, Please don't hesitate to e-mail me at rachelle_connor@hotmail.com.{Rachelle Van Essen} {Bride}
To whom it may concern; Sheleah worked as a makeup assistant on my recent science fiction short: Ninja King. This required three actors to have extensive facial prosthetics and a fair bit of blood and wounds. The makeup team worked hard and fast and the results were effective.{Doug Brown} {Writer/Producer/Director Ninja King}

The fashion industry can be brutal and cut throat so when you get a chance to work with someone who is genuine and talented kind and respectful it is always a pleasure.Sheleah makeup artist SJB makeup is such a person.Sheleah always gives credit where credit is due she will move to greater things .L.G.Photography loves her work and will work with her in the future.
{Lise Guyot} {Photographer}
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